The interdisciplinary work of Jayoung Yoon

The variety of material and media of Jayoung Yoon’s work is anchored in the singularity of her body. With her own hair as the principle medium, Yoon’s work enshrines our withering condition to an eternal order of spatial dimension.

These enrapturing works are quiet in their intimacy and scale but immutable in their precision, taking claim on both permanence and ephemerality. A temporal relationship which encompasses both a meditative depth in the immediate moment as well as the duration of time encapsulated in an individual hair or in a finished art object. 

While monotony fails to imprint its successive order to our memory, hair archives unyielding growth. The minutia lost in our experience of time is in a sense represented in a single line of hair. Haircuts find a cycle in our calendars, we change our hair with changing fashions, speak of growing old and becoming grey. While its growth is invisible to immediate perception, it is our bodies most apparent representation of time and evanescence.

While assembled with intense concentration, Yoon's two dimensional works emerge effortlessly in ethereal harmony. Individually positioned, a hair becomes a constituent, demanding consideration as a peer in its peer group, collectively evoking a sense of consensus and belonging. Repeating lines represent consecutive moments configured in gradations often of radial symmetry that recycle our attention through its paths while receding atmospherically as if losing hold of one moment to apprehend another.  

Finished works consecrate renewed bodies which transcend human frailty and our fleeting conscious experience. They conform to patterns of least resistance establishing a connection with a higher dominion where the visual subject is not something in space, rather, the subject is space.

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Jayoung Yoon, 'Empty Void 20' 2017, artists hair, acrylic medium on panel, 10" x 10"

Jayoung Yoon, 'Empty Void 20' 2017, artists hair, acrylic medium on panel, 10" x 10"